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Those craving Mediterranean food often enjoy the similarities present in middle-eastern fare. With its richness in featuring grains, legumes and fresh vegetables among its ingredients, it is no wonder that plenty of locals never tired from looking for the best restaurant Melbourne has to offer. If you are among those who crave for the best Mediterranean food Melbourne diners enjoy, visit us in Fitzroy. We provide our visitors with a rich dining experience that goes well beyond the joys of delicious cuisine. Plenty of our customers have thoroughly enjoyed dining in at our premises, with others happy to tell us how they were recommended to visit by friends who had dined with us before.

Rich in culture and heritage, the Afghan gallery takes pride in featuring the best that our history and tradition has to offer. Our regular diners have often remarked on their pleasant experiences, and have even likened our dishes of the best Mediterranean cuisine in Melbourne. If you’ve been looking for a mediterranean restaurant Melbourne locals can conveniently visit and enjoy you’ll be happy to hear that we are located just outside of the CBD, within the suburb of Fitzroy. We serve up a range of delicious vegetarian dishes, which are sure to excite the palate of those who adore Mediterranean cuisine. Among such dishes include:
– Shalgham, a lightly caramelised turnip dish served with aromatic saffron rice, and
– Badenjan, slow cooked eggplant with an accompaniment of tasteful herbs.

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Rich tapestries and cultural art adorn the walls of our venue at the Afghan Gallery. Among our most popular dishes, we have been more than glad to satisfy diners looking for a mediterranean cuisine in Melbourne. If you seek Mediterranean food Melbourne diners are happy to recommend, consider what our menu has to offer. We often welcome diners who have been searching online for ‘mediterranean restaurant Melbourne cbd’. Luckily, we are just a few minutes’ away in the heart of Fitzroy.

Afghan Gallery: Best Mediterranean Food Restaurant in Melbourne

We are proud to offer delicious Mediterranean food in Melbourne with a venue that is rich in culture and heritage. If you’ve been looking for the best mediterranean restaurant Melbourne diners would love to try consider how we offer a dining experience that is like no other. Our menu is rich with tasteful variety, with plenty of dishes featuring popularly within middle eastern cuisine. Geographically adjacent, both these regions enjoy a rich overlapping of culinary similarities. With plenty of fresh ingredients and rich flavours featuring within our menu, you’ll be in for a treat to remember the next time you visit us for a meal at the Afghan Gallery. Call us to book a table for your next meal, on (03) 9417 2430 today.