Persian Restaurant Melbourne

Discover the Best Persian Food Melbourne Has to Offer

Offering a delectable slice of cuisine and history all in one; the Afghan Gallery is set in iconic Fitzroy. We provide some of the best Persian food Melbourne diners have come to know and love. Beyond serving up delicious Afghan cuisine as a popular Persian food restaurant, the Afghan Gallery is also a feast for the eyes, adorned with resplendent décor and memorabilia to signify the rich history of our family business. If what you seek is more than just the usual night out to enjoy Melbourne’s most popular northern suburb, we provide a dining experience that goes well beyond the reputation we’ve built as the best Persian restaurant in Melbourne.

Persian Food, Art, and Heritage All in One Venue

The Afghan Gallery serves up a treat for the senses, as the best Persian restaurant Melbourne diners have grown to love. Beyond the delicious flavours of Persian cuisine, we provide our diners with a dining experience that is a treat to the senses. Our dining areas are resplendently adorned with tapestries and comforts that immediately transport you beyond the typical dinner setting. If you’ve been looking for a Persian restaurant in Melbourne CBD, look no further than the Afghan Gallery.

A Dining Experience to Take You Away and Beyond

If you’ve been looking for the best Persian food restaurant Melbourne diners can recommend, we have more than just our delicious menu to offer. Be seated at our table, and enjoy a taste of the rich heritage that we are always passionate about sharing as a family business. The Afghan Gallery is the Persian restaurant Melbourne CBD diners love to visit, as we are conveniently within earshot of the city, and provide an unparalleled dining experience that serves up a winning combination of delicious Persian cuisine, and a wonderful experience of Afghan culture.

Among our delicious repertoire of Persian cuisine, we are known for tasty menu items such as:

– Qorma E-Gosht,
– Barg Kebab,
– Zamarot Chalaow, and
– A collection of delicious Afghan desserts for you to choose from.

We guarantee that no two dining experiences are ever the same when you visit the Afghan Gallery in Fitzroy. For a delicious treat that is sure to impress more than just your sense of taste, consider taking a culinary getaway when you book a table with us for your next meal. We are always happy to take your bookings at (03) 9417 2430.